How Vanity Email Works

Please read the following questions and answers to learn more about how Vanity Email Addresses work.

What are some examples of available Vanity Email Addresses?,,,,

What is the difference between an ISP-based Email Address and a Vanity Email Address?
An ISP-based email address is automatically assigned to you when you set up a computer account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). For example, if you sign up for Time Warner cable modem service at the beach, you will be given a username for your account. John Doe may be assigned a username of jdoe44. His ISP-based email address would be A Vanity Email Address is a more descriptive email address that you have chosen for yourself, e.g. It has the same advantages as keeping your cell phone number when you change cell phone providers. You can retain it whether you continue with Time Warner or switch to another ISP. When friends send email to, it automatically will be routed to your existing Time Warner e-mail account. When you change ISPs, you won't risk losing your email since mail addressed to still will find you so long as you notify us in advance of your new ISP-generated email address.

What other advantages are there in using a Vanity Email Address?
With the exception of AOL users, you can disguise your actual ISP-based email address as well as the identity of your ISP. In other words, when you send email messages, your return address will be shown as rather than This makes it considerably easier for friends to remember your email address. Here's an article that explains how to set this up with Outlook Express. Just follow the steps substituting your vanity email address, ISP, account name, and password. For AOL users, you still can give your friends your Vanity Email Address to use when sending you mail, and the email will be forwarded to your AOL mail account; however, outgoing AOL mail (sent by you) will show your AOL email address for replies. This is a limitation imposed by AOL. Sorry.

Will my old ISP-based email address still work?
Absolutely. It will work as long as you continue service with your current ISP.

What if my ISP-based email address is subscribed to a mailing list?
We recommend that you unsubscribe from any mailing lists prior to implementing a Vanity Email Address. Then resubscribe to those mailing lists after you have reconfigured Outlook Express with your Vanity Email Address. While the mailing list messages still will reach you either way, you may be limited in your ability to remove yourself from a mailing list once you change your reply address in Outlook Express. This is because you will not be able to send an UNSUBSCRIBE command from your old ISP-based email address as required by many mailing list servers without changing back to your old email address in Outlook Express.

What if I choose a Vanity Email Address and want to change it?
Within reason and as time permits, we will accommodate requests for changes in vanity email addresses.

Does setting a Vanity Email Address change my username?
A Vanity Email Address provides you an additional email address which is easy for friends to remember. Your existing ISP username and ISP-based email address are unaffected and will still work as before.

Can I pick any name or description I want for my Vanity Email Address?
So long as your selection meets our Terms and Conditions of Service, you are free to choose any name or description desired.

Which domains are available for use?
Currently, you can choose any Vanity Email Address not already taken within the following domains:,,, and

How much does a Vanity Email Address cost?
Through the end of 2004, personal or business use of the service will be provided at no cost with no strings! Limit: one Vanity Email Address per person. Depending upon usage and type of use, we may impose a modest fee in the future to recover our operating costs. Nothing is free forever, but you already knew that. Enjoy!

Can't Beat the Price! How Do I Sign Up?
Just complete this simple on-line form and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use. When we receive your request, an email will be sent to your existing email address for confirmation and to avoid abuse. That's all there is to it.